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Our history


The Company was founded by Hans Wåhlstam in the early 70's. Its main activity was chemical analyzes.


Since 1980

Salab has been run by René Wåhlstam who is a chemist and now sole owner.

René Wåhlstam has, since he took over the business, steered it to fully focus on development and production. This however, began on a small scale with mostly own brands.

1996 the factory was moved to the current address in Gustavsberg, which previously housed Gustavsbergs bathtub factory. The facilities was tailored and adapted to our needs.

1999 the business where decided to focus only on customer-specific development and production.

In the mid-2000's, work began on a new quality management system. This resulted in a reorganization in which we made significant management changes.

In the late 2000's, we became certified according to ISO 9001.


Annica Björklund joined the company as head of finance and Human Resources in 2006. She took over the responsibility as CEO in October 2012.

René Wåhlstam is currently executive chairman, chemist and head of production with responsibility over product & technology development.

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