Integrated services

Our customer centric approach, flexible and dynamic working methods, allows us to keep highly competitive leadtimes from conceptualisation to finished product.

Concept & Product Development

At the point where chemistry and technology, analysis and creativity, intersect with each other,
that's where we really distinguish ourselves.


Product Development

We review together your product ideas, plans and expectations. We document everything in detail in a product specification to reassure we’re fully aligned with your expectations.

Salab R&D Alf Jarmeus
Salab lab formulation beaker


Stability & Challenge Testing

In our modern laboratories we analyse substances and compounds, prototypes developed, and tests carried out, so everything leaving SALAB meets the highest requirements.



We also support you in finding the optimal packaging for your product according to its function, appearance and desired price level. The choice of packaging is not only important from design angle but also from a product performance perspective.

SALAB Shelf Packaging

Do you already have a project idea?

Then do not hesitate to …

Contract & Private Label Manufacturing


Highest Quality
Inhouse Production

Our production facilities along with technicians, operators, engineers and managers, secures that all the products produced inhouse are of highest quality and meets our quality management systems and certifications.

Salab Factory Filling machine DEO


State of the Art

We have modern and flexible manufacturing facilities with a production capacity that we continuously improve through technical upgrades and new investments.



We are well equipped with several state-of-the-art machines to fill tubes, bottles, jars, refill packages, and special products.

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